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Learn to Manage Bipolar Disorder

You Can Live a Meaningful and Successful Life WITH Bipolar Disorder using Evidence-Based Psychological Tools.

Discover how to Make the Most of the Energy and Ideas that come with Mania without Losing Control & to Manage the Lack of Energy and Motivation of Depression.

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Evidence based psychological techniques are the most effective & fastest way to create and live a meaningful and successful life with Bipolar Disorder

Evidence based psychological tools are scientifically proven to help people with Bipolar Disorder to manage the ups and downs of Bipolar as well as the Stress and Anxiety disorders that often come with it.

  • Learn what are CBT – Mindfulness – ACT.

  • Start using them to overcome Depression and Low Motivation.

  • Understand Mania and how to make the most of it.

  • Identify your personal triggers and warning sign for Depression or Mania and create your relapse prevention plan.

  • Learn about the different medications for Bipolar, and their pros and cons.

  • Increase in confidence and start working on creating the life you want to live.

  • This Is What You Will Get Inside This Training...

    Managing Bipolar is a 4 Module Training Course covering Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Manage Bipolar Disorder using Evidence-Based Psychological Tools.

    24/7 lifetime access (with all updates)

    Invitation to the Success Lab community for support and encouragement

    Practical exercises to apply to your life straight away

    Module 1- The Basics

    What is CBT

    What is Mindfulness

    What is ACT

    Official Bipolar Definition and Diagnosis

    The issue of Stigma

    From an Ill Identity to a Purposeful Identity

    Module 2- Managing Depression and Low Motivation

    What is Depression

    The issue of Suicide

    Making your Hope Box

    Low Mood – Low Motivation – Low mood Cycle

    Reversing the Cycle

    IPSRT & The Importance of Routines

    Your Purpose: Living a Values Driven Life

    Experimenting with Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone

    Dealing with Set-Backs

    Module 3- Mania

    Learning to Drive your Ferrari without Crashing it

    Stoop and Postpone, Slow Down, Delay


    Challenging Thoughts and Delusions

    Distancing from Thoughts and Delusions

    The Choice Point- Acting in line with Values

    Module 4- Medications & Moving Forward

    The Role of Medications

    CFT and the Human Condition

    Your Early Warning Signs and Action Plan

    Setting values Driven Goals

    Moving Forward while Keeping it Balanced

    Taking the First Step Towards Living a Meaningful and Successful Life

    with Bipolar Disorder is as easy as 1...2...3

    Your Journey Starts Here

    Enrol in Managing Bipolar Today
    Join The Waiting List


    Why You Can NO LONGER AFFORD to ignore "How to Manage Bipolar Disorder?"

  • Untreated Bipolar Disorder Worsen with Age

  • 37% of People will have a Relapse after 1 year of an Episode, even if on medication

  • 73% of People will have a Relapse within 5 years of an Episode, even if on medication

  • Psycho-Education alone has been shown to be Particularly Effective in Preventing Relapses, as well as Monthly Maintenance Therapy Sessions, but at a fraction of the Price

  • People who Actively use Psychological Tools to Manage their Bipolar Require Less Medication than People who Don’t Use any tools

  • People who Actively Manage their Bipolar feel More Confident, in Control and Live better.

  • How Much Does Managing Bipolar Cost?

    My clients have been asking me to put together a training on everything I know about

    How to Manage and Treat Bipolar Disorder.

    So this is it.


    I am planning to sell this training for £499, but I am inviting a Small Group of Beta Members to go through the training in Real Time with me as I finalise it for

    a fraction of the investment at just £99.


    But there is a catch: although this invite goes out to more that 10,000 people,

    I am only accepting 20 Founding Members.


    As a Founding Member we will work closely in 4 live sessions to give you everything you need to know to Successfully Manage your Bipolar.


    And because we know that having more Success Stories, Testimonials and Case Studies from the Founding Members will help us to get this programme into the hands of more people that need it,

    I know that spending more time and support with you it isn’t just a win for me,

    but it is a win for you too.

    Get These Awesome Bonuses When You Enroll For The Training


    Full access to my training: Living a Meaningful and Successful Life (Value £548)

    Bonus #2

    Full access to my mini course: Managing Stress and Anxiety the CBT way. Time limited. (Value £97)


    This course will be delivered Live - One Time Only so you'll receive 4 live group calls with me to go through the material together. (Value £497)

    Meet Your Trainer


    Psychologist & CBT Therapist

    Alice is a Psychologist, CBT Therapists, ACT Therapist and a Mindfulness teacher with over 20 years of experience in working both privately and for the National Health Service.

    She is the founder of The Purple Mind Academy and of Crossroads Psychology, a clinic that works in London and Online.

    She firmly believes in the power of Psycho-education and in giving everyone the psychological tools they need to live a fulfilling life.

    She specialises in anxiety disorders, stress management & perfectionism as well as in the treatment of depression & bipolar disorder.