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    Living a Meaningful and Successful Life 

    CBT, Mindfulness and ACT are the most effective techniques to become the driver of your life and MOVE FORWARD in your chosen direction.

  • Identify your idea of a meaningful and successful life and create a road map to get there.

  • Learn to handle unhelpful thoughts and difficult emotions getting in your way.

  • Identify your values and life direction and become 100% present to your life with Mindfulness.

  • Learn to overcome any obstacle getting in the way of living the life you want to live.

  • Discover how to apply the latest psychological techniques to become purposeful, confident and proactive in achieving the life you want.

What you are getting inside my complete Living a meaningful and Successful life course:

Living a Meaningful and Successful life is a step-by-step video training course that walks you through the techniques to use to manage, prevent, and overcome limiting beliefs and inhibiting emotions.

  • 24/7 instant access

  • Step-by-Step guide and practical exercises

  • Invitation to The Purple Mind Academy community to support you and encourage you on the way

  • Early Bird discount on future courses

Module One: Road to Success

  • Identify YOUR idea of a successful life

  • Create your roadmap to success

  • Challenge limiting beliefs standing in your way

  • Expand your comfort zone by managing anxiety

  • Become friend with your emotions


  • Workbook of the exercises

  • Downloadabe mindfulness exercises

Module Two: Mindfulness & ACT

  • Shut off the autopilot with Mindfulness

  • Let go of unhelpful thoughts and welcome emotions

  • Test your worries

  • Perfectionism, Low Self esteem and success

  • The less I do the more I achieve

Real People. Real Change.

"I sincerely have to admit that this series are absolutely ‘FANTASTIC!!

I hadn’t realise before how much I criticise myself and how easy it is to spiral into those negative thoughts and actually accept them.

This course has taught me to think out of the BOX – my mind-

I can honestly say that the tools are at the reach of a click.

Thank you very much Alice and cheers to a brighter future."


42 years old

"The Achieving Success course was EYE OPENING.

I now have a clear idea of what success is for me, how to get there and how to overcome internal and external obstacles.



46 years old

"I cannot recommend this course more, it is a GAME-CHANGER. "


38 years old

How much does it cost?

The mistake most people make is thinking that they’ll sort it out on their own eventually.

This does not take into account that without the knoledge and the tools needed it is very difficult to make any change and solve any problem.

Or worse...

… with time passing the problem can get worse rather than better: issues start to pile up, confidence reduces, and in the meantime, a lot of opportunities are lost.

So next, you can say: ‘well, I’ll go to individul therapy’

That’s great! If you want and can do that, please get in touch for our one to one service.

A full course of individual therapy can be very expensive though, costs anything from £1,500- £3,000 and can take from 3- 6 months to a year.

If you are like me, you want to learn the techniques you would learn in the one to one and start applying them for yourself before committing to a course of one to one therapy.

This is your chance to do just that.

Learn from me the essential knowledge I teach in my one to ones and start appying it straight away to your life.

You can now access the full course for just £497 £248

On Sale: Full Course


Limited Time


  • Workbook

  • Downloadable Mindfulness exercises


Psychologist & CBT Therapist

Alice is a Psychologist, CBT Therapists, ACT Therapist and a Mindfulness teacher with over 15 years of experience in working both privately and for the National Health Service.

She is the founder of The Purple Mind Academy and of Crossroads Psychology, a clinic that works in London and Online.

She firmly believes in the power of Psycho-education and in giving everyone the psychological tools they need to live a fulfilling life.

She specializes in anxiety disorders, stress management & perfectionism as well as in the treatment of depression & bipolar disorder.

She is also an expert coach and currently works exclusively Online.

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