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4 part mini course
Managing Stress and Anxiety the CBT way

Discover the 2 main factors that cause Stress and Anxiety and learn simple techniques to overcome them for good.


Evidence based psychological techniques are the most effective fastest way to create and live a meaningful and successful life.


In this course you will learn:


1. What is stress and how to reduce it in half.


2. What is anxiety and how to manage it.


3. Why anxiety is a healthy helpful emotion and how to make the most of it.


4. Why perfectionism is you enemy and what to do about it.


Hear it from who has done it:

Alice's course is highly practical and really easy to understand. The fact that she explains everything so clearly makes the whole process so reassuring that watching her talking is already a treatment against anxiety. I've learned a lot from her, and I'm using her tools even now that I have completed the course. Thank you, Alice.


-Gloria S. 33 yo.

This course has been an eye-opener for me.

I used to say I was stressed and felt drained but I never really looked at the roots of this stress.

I thought it was just all the busy routine and work, but thanks to this course I understood it was because I never put myself first, I never said no even what I wanted to, and I always worked more than required.

Obviously these behaviours caused me to feel drained and tired almost all the time.

I feel really empowered after this course because now I have the instruments to look at my worries in a different way, to let them go and focus on my current life.


-V.C. 34 yo.

Stress and anxiety are one of the main reasons people don’t progress in life.

Can you really afford not to get the best of them?

How Much Does It Cost?

'Managing stress and Anxiety the CBT way’

Course and Workbook £197 

Now ONLY £97


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